TAV Esenboğa Memorial Forest now houses 30,000 trees

TAV Esenboğa Memorial Forest now houses 30,000 trees

'TAV Esenboğa Memorial Forest,' which was established in 2008 by TAV Esenboğa, the operator of Ankara Esenboğa Airport, has expanded after planting new saplings and today the number of trees within the forest reached to 30,000 trees. 10,000 trees were planted in the forest which is located at Çubuk district of Ankara with the organization attended by Esenboğa Airport executives and employees.

'TAV Esenboğa Memorial Forest', which was established in 2008 by TAV Esenboğa, the operator of Ankara Esenboğa Airport, at Çubuk district of Ankara and was transformed into a forest having 20,000 trees. During an event attended by Esenboğa Airport executives and employees, 10,000 new saplings were planted in the memorial forest. The event was held at the memorial forest expanding to an area housing 30,000 trees together with the recently planted saplings was attended by Esenboğa Airport Civil Administration Manager Hayrettin Balcıoğlu, Esenboğa Director in DHMI Selay Mürey, TAV Esenboğa General Manager Nuray Demirer, and Esenboğa Airport employees.

The event for Sapling planting at Esenboğa Airport employees was like a festival where the employees and participants enjoyed the complimentary offerings of gözleme and ayran prepared and cooked by Cubuk Municipality within the tents.

Çubuk Mayor Tuncay Acıhan said: “I am so glad to be here and a part of this meaningful organization. TAV Esenboğa has served as a model with this Memorial Forest which was established in 2008. It starts only with one sapling to transform Capital City Ankara to Green Ankara and it is very important to raise this awareness. We, as Çubuk Municipality, endeavor to prevent concretion. Together with TAV Esenboğa, we have planted 10,000 new saplings today, so our forest has grown to house 30,000 trees. I find this growth a significant gain for Ankara, particularly for Çubuk."

TAV Esenboğa General Manager Nuray Demirer stated, "As TAV Esenboğa, we are placing great importance to the projects providing cultural and social benefits besides the success we achieved in passenger satisfaction. Within this context, we are proud that 'TAV Esenboğa Memorial Forest' project, which we initiated in 2008 to support the preservation of our country's natural heritage, has turned into a wide green area housing 30,000 trees. Today, we planted 10,000 additional tree saplings together with our employees in the memorial forest, which we started with 1,500 saplings at first and has increased this number up to 20,000 in time. We are glad that we support the awareness of increasing the green areas by the continuously expanding memorial forest that we established for our Capital.”

TAV Esenboğa Memorial Forest was started to be established 6 years ago at Cubuk district with 500 saplings, which is close to Esenboğa Airport. All TAV Esenboğa employees had participated in sapling planting event at the memorial forest, which was initiated during the celebrations for second anniversary of TAV Esenboğa Esenboğa.

Ankara Esenboğa Airport is listed amongst the top 17 environmentally-friendly airports worldwide. Providing service to 10,942,000 passengers last year, Esenboğa Airport commenced a series of practices in order to use the energy efficiently without compromising the passenger comfort. Automatic lighting control, using LED fixtures, trigeneration plant producing power, heating and cooling energy from natural gas are the examples of these practices. Carbon emission per passenger decreased 10 per cent in 2013, as a result of the works performed on energy efficiency.

Because of these practices, which were audited by independent institutions, Esenboğa Airport received 3+ level certification in the Airport Carbon Accreditation program. There are only 17 airports reaching this level throughout the world. 10 airports in Sweden, two airports in each of Norway, Holland and Italy as well as Esenboğa in Turkey qualified for this certification.

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