Esenboğa General Aviation Terminal has been opened

Esenboğa General Aviation Terminal has been opened

The General Aviation Terminal of Esenboğa Airport -having the “Best Airport of Europe” award- which renders special services for private airplanes was opened with a ceremony attended by Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım, DHMI (General Directorate of State Airports Authority) General Manager Orhan Birdal, TAV Airports Board Chairman Hamdi Akın and TAV Airports President & CEO M. Sani Şener.

The Esenboğa Airport General Aviation Terminal was opened with a ceremony which saw the participation of Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım, DHMI General Manager Orhan Birdal, TAV Airports Chairman Hamdi Akın and CEO Sani Şener. The terminal will render services to small airplanes as well as to corporations which fly under a General Aviation or Air Taxi Certificate.

Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım made the following remarks at the ceremony: “We would like to thank DHMI and TAV Airports for their joint work on the Esenboğa Airport General Aviation Terminal. Esenboğa Airport had 1 million passengers in 2002. Today this number has increased to 8.5 million, and the number of planes that take off and land here every day is 300, up from 80 in 2002. The Esenboğa Airport General Aviation Terminal has been needed; it provides the necessary infrastructure for private jet service. These terminals serve private jets throughout the world. We began this project in Ankara after Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya, in order to level our country with other modern countries. These projects will be conducted continually in order to reach the level of modern civilization toward which Atatürk pointed. I wish the General Aviation Terminal to be beneficial to all.”

DHMI General Manager Orhan Birdal stated: "The Esenboğa Airport General Aviation Terminal will provide services which will enable convenient and comfortable travel for passengers traveling with private business jets. It will save a considerable amount of time for international as well as domestic passengers who travel on business. We are more than thrilled to open the General Aviation Terminal here today, the 4th we have opened throughout Turkey."

TAV Airports CEO Sani Şener added: “We work nonstop to bring Esenboğa Airport to a level which symbolizes Turkey’s greatness since it is the entrance of the capital city of Ankara and constitutes its new and modern face. We succeeded in increasing passenger numbers by 10 percent and flight numbers by 14 percent last year. Our target is to transform Esenboğa into a hub in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. At the new General Aviation Terminal we will host businessmen and businesswomen coming to Ankara, a city which has become a center of attraction center in the region, with TAV’s privileged service approach known in six countries and 12 airports today. We would like to thank the Minister for opening the path for the aviation sector with his vision as well as the managers at DHMI for their harmonious cooperation with us, which has been going on for years now."

Ankara Esenboğa Airport General Aviation Terminal, which will serve in a 508 meter square area, enables the fastest security, customs and passport services for international and domestic passengers. These services, which constitute the most important feature of the terminal, help to save time for passengers coming with their private business jets, enabling the highest level of comfort for them.

About TAV Esenboğa

Ankara Esenboğa Airport, the operation of which has been undertaken by TAV Airports until May 2023, offers direct international and domestic flights to approximately 100 destinations. Esenboğa Airport is the first airport in Turkey to have its domestic and international terminals together under one roof. It serves without interruption with experienced and genial staff in order to meet the needs of the capital city, which experiences increasingly intense air traffic due to its political and economic dynamism. Esenboğa Airport was awarded the “Best Airport” award in its category by ACI Europe in 2009 and served 8,520,640 passengers and 72,244 flights in 2011.


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