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TAV hosts 'Çanakkale from Underwater' photography exhibition

The culture-art platform TAV Gallery Ankara at Esenboğa Airport hosts the photography exhibition called 'Çanakkale from Underwater' by the underwater photographer Tahsin Ceylan.

TAV Gallery Ankara, the culture and art platform at Esenboğa Airport operated by TAV Airports, is exhibiting the underwater photographs of the remains of Battle of Çanakkale taken by Tahsin Ceylan, Underwater Photographer and Videography Director. The photographs of the sunken remains of the battle, which had been taken as a result of the 10 years of devoted works of Ceylan, were showcased to commemorate the first centenary of the Battle of Çanakkale. TAV Esenboğa General Manager Nuray Demirer, Tahsin Ceylan and Esenboğa Airport officials attended the opening reception of "100 Photographs of Çanakkale from Underwater in the 100th Anniversary*" exhibition.

TAV Esenboğa General Manager Nuray Demirer stated: “TAV Gallery Ankara is hosting the meticulous works of Tahsin Ceylan, who shows us the traces of the Battle of Çanakkale from a different perspective, performed in the depths of the Çanakkale Sea. I believe the photographs taken to capture the life in the underwater world as well as the photographs of the remains of World War I would attract great interest from our passengers."

Underwater Photographer and Videography Director Tahsin Ceylan expressed: “I believe this exhibition that I have ascribed to the commemoration of the first centenary of the Battle of Çanakkale will contribute to the introduction of the remains of the battle as well as the significant species of the ecosystem. I have dived in various regions all around the world to take photos of the underwater. I must underline that the richness in the underwater of Çanakkale is spectacular. Today, I am happy and excited to showcase my photographs that I have taken in 10 years to the art lovers, thanks to the support of TAV Esenboğa officials."

The exhibition displaying the photographs of remains of the war in the depths of the sea including Atılay, the first submarine of the Republic, Breslau Battleship which played a role for the Ottoman Empire to join the World War I, Triumph Battleship and Admiral's Battleship Majestic, etc. will be open for visitors for one month.