Güvenlik Kontrolü

Security Control

A Safe Flıght Is Our Fundamental Prıorıty

Safe Passage In Three Sımple Steps

Through a few rules which our passengers and guests will obey during the security control, both the passages will speed up and an important contribution to security will be provided.

Fast Passage From The Security Control

3 Sımple Steps !

  • Show your Identity and Boarding Cards Your showing a boarding card and a valid identity document will be requested. Unless you have an identity document, your flight proceedings can not be done
  • Remove the hazardous and electronic items from your baggage
    Obtain information about the prohibited items which are not permitted to the airport
    Be sure that you don’t have any prohibited item in your bag
    Take out the electronic devices from their bags in order to speed up their control in the x-ray equipment.
  • Take out your jackets and shoes

The security officials are obliged to determine all the metals and hazardous materials on you; hence, your placing of the apparels like jacket and belt on you to the x-ray equipment before you pass to the control point will speed up the control. Please put all the items which you take out from on yourself and your pockets to the plastic boxes.

Liquid Limıtations On The International Flights

  • Every passenger can carry a total of 500 ml liquid provided that each item does not exceed 100 ml
  • There are no liquid limitations in baggages given to beneath the aircraft.

The particulars regarding security which every passenger is required to pay attention

  • If security may be seen as a chain, the strongest links of this chain are the ones who use the airway. That means you.!
  • If you have not prepared your baggage yourself or if your baggage have not arrived to the airport under your surveillance, please inform this to the security personnel.
  • If suspicious behaviors of others draw your attention when passing to the control point, in the terminal, or in the aircraft, please inform this to the security personnel.
  • If you see someone has left their any personal effects like baggage, mobile phone, parcel during the evacuation of the aircraft, please inform this to the cabin personnel.
  • If , during check-in, others want to give you any baggages or parcels for kilo, etc reasons, please do not accept.
  • Please lend assistance to the security personnel without forgetting that their instructions are for the benefit of all.
  • Please do not forget that the illegal intervention activities that might be made towards our airports/aircrafts will effect our country negatively in all aspects.
  • You can inform all kinds of suspicious events which draw attention in the airports to the extension numbers 111/1111 by using the telephones placed at certain points by the Local authority within the airport or the intercom telephones used by the employees.
  • Please request information from the airway companies or obtain information from the web page with respect to the Items Prohibited for Carrying in the Aircraft and in the Sterile Areas.