Check-in Control


Check-in & Screening

Passengers are advised to be at the airport two hours before their scheduled flight for international flights, and one and a half hours before domestic flights.

By checking the FIDS Monitors (flight information monitors) above the check-in counters, passengers may easily find the check-in counter for their flights. On these monitors the airline, flight numbers, and take off hours are shown.

A boarding card with your departure gate and seat number is issued by the officials on duty at the check-in counter along with your baggage claim ticket.

For check-in procedures passengers need to have a valid identification document (a passport for the international flights) and a flight ticket. Additionally, a visa may be required depending on the passenger’s nationality and his/her destination country.

Check-in Counters

Inside our terminal, on the Domestic and International departing passenger floors, check-in service is performed for passengers by the airline companies and the ground service Institutions within a total of 5 zones. This service is also provided in the VIP and CIP service halls.

International line counters
Zone A: 24  counters
Zone B: 24 counters

Domestic line counters
Zone C: 12 counters
Zone D: 30 counters
Zone E: 12 counters

VIP/CIP counters
VIP: 4 counters
CIP: 5 counters

Moreover, in our terminal there are self check-in counters for our passengers traveling without baggage.