Health Inspection Center Authority

Esenboğa Airport Health Surveillance Center Head Physician

The Borders and Shores Head Physician, whose main responsibility is to contribute to health protection and disease prevention in Turkey and abroad, acts to monitor health conditions in the Turkish straits, borders and shores for prevention of public health risks, to ensure that control measures are taken, and to prepare internationally valid health certificates. The Authority has a quarantine and offices near the passport control in the International Terminal arrival floor; at the mezzanine (1st floor) is the Borders and Shores Health Surveillance Head Physician Office subordinate to the Ministry of Health Borders and Shores General Directorate, which provides public education on disease risks that may be faced abroad (on a country by country basis). There is also one information kiosk located on the Departures floor.


Phone: +90 312 398 03 73

Extension: 5560- 5561 - 5562

Service is available 24 hours.