PortClinic, which provides health services for the 6,200 personnel and 10 million yearly passengers who pass through Esenboga Airport each year, lives up to its brand reputation by providing service with specialist doctors and assistants combined with the enthusiasm it has displayed since its first day of operations.
The services provided at PortClinic are;

  • Concerted Health and Safety Unit service (Workplace Doctor and Work Safety service)
  • First step health services
  • Policlinic
  • Immediate Aid and Land Ambulance
  • Laboratory
  • Porter and Periodic Examination
  • First Aid Training Services
  • Air Ambulance
  • Accompaniment Services
  • Flight Report
  • Travel Consultancy
  • Sick and Disabled Passenger Transportation Service
  • Vaccination and Medicament Prophylaxis Services
  • PortClinic has accumulated significant experience and knowledge in producing solutions appropriate to special needs
  • With the health solutions package, consisting of the abovementioned services which are oriented especially to the airway companies, alternatives are being provided by evaluation of the relevant airway company’s capacity and the offered service varieties.