Mortuary Transportation Servic...

Mortuary Transportation Services

Transactıon Procedures for Incomıng Deceased:

  • Deceased arriving from overseas are delivered at the Esenboga Airport Door A.
  • If the Deceased is arriving by Turkish Airlines, it is delivered at the Turkish Airlines Cargo section at Door A.
  • If it is arriving by another airway company, taking delivery of the Deceased from Door A is maintained by contacting the ground services cargo department.
  • The Deceased which arrive from overseas are permitted to enter Turkey and delivered to those taking possession of the Deceased along with the respective documents by the Ground Services Company following the determination through intermediation by our Embassies or Consulates of the reason of death by the health institutions of the country where the corpse is found and after the documents regarding that they are prepared appropriately on date are issued, and after the documents issued abroad are examined by our Doctors working at the Health Surveillance Center located in the airport and after their inspection of the corpse if required.
  • If an autopsy is required for the Deceased, 1 person is assigned by the Police Department Directorate Station Superintendence and the Deceased is delivered to the Forensic Science Institution.

***For Deceased to be sent overseas, you can learn the conditions and procedures from the carrying airline company.