Meeting & Conference Halls

Let Your Business Be Yours, Your Guests Be Ours…
You Deal With Your Business, We Deal With Your Guests…

Our Meeting Halls:

The meetings done in place, in time and by obeying its rule are indispensable parts of our business life. The meetings offer the participants the opportunity to know each other better. Besides, while it strengthens the synergy in the company, it ensures reproduction of the company culture.

Our service oriented understanding encompasses all the phases from the beginning of your meeting program to the end. The TAV Esenboğa Airport, your solution partner who is in charge at the stage of planning and implementation saves you from the details and sets you free. Our guests are preferring to get service from us for this reason.

The TAV Esenboğa Airport, along with its modern architecture, creates exclusivity also with its service quality. Together with the cocktail facility which can be arranged on the terrace which looks at the magnificent pool just near the hall which is prepared exhaustively for guests, we have two different meeting halls available.

Hittite Meeting Hall: Has the capacity of a seating layout for 35 persons and cocktail arrangement for 100 persons.

Cappadocia Meeting Hall: Has the capacity of a seating layout for 20 persons and cocktail arrangement for 100 persons.

Our Conference Hall:

For your meetings and conferences, we are hosting your esteemed guests in our conference hall with 150 persons seating capacity and where all sorts of informatics and communications facilities are provided, and with cocktail organizations which can be arranged in the entrance lobby of the hall.

For reservation of the meeting halls:

Phone: +90 312 590 40 00 - 4056