General Aviation Terminal

General Aviation Terminal

General Aviation Terminal is located at the Special Aerodromes Region, apron no. 5 of Ankara Esenboğa Airport. Two separate lounges are allocated for domestic and international flight passengers at the General Aviation Terminal where every kind of amenity is provided to ensure passenger comfort.

The operators making flights by “General Aviation” or “Air Taxi” licenses handle their flight operations via the General Aviation Terminal by aircrafts smaller than passenger airplanes.

Passengers can complete security, passport and customs transactions in the terminal at once. These privileges save time for passengers while they travel on their business jets.

Passengers are able to relax in a comfortable area away from the crowd and noise in the terminal at the lounges, both designed exclusively to enable comfort and quality.

The terminal also offers a private meeting room.

They can also watch the latest world news or continue working, using the wireless internet access provided, get the latest news on TV while enjoying the complimentary food served by experienced waiters, besides read daily newspapers or monthly magazines.

The General Aviation Terminal, preferred by many world-wide famous names from the fields of economy, business, culture, art and sports, offers passengers a privileged travel with various amenities.

Address: Çubuk Yolu, Özel Hangarlar Bölgesi
Tel: +90 (312) 590 40 40

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