TAV Airports is a success story built on the accumulation of knowledge, experience and creativity gained in airport operations, one of world’s most challenging sectors. TAV’s history started in 1997 with the tender for Istanbul Atatürk Airport International Terminal. TAV Airports Holding was established as a joint venture between the Tepe and Akfen Groups, who won the tender. Having grown to become a great success story within a very short period of time, TAV soon became a global brand in airport operations and construction thanks to its know-how, highly skilled human resources and advanced technology. Having gone through a restructuring process in 2006 in line with its goals, TAV re-organized its operational activities under TAV Airports Holding and and construction activities under TAV Construction. Following this re-structuring process, TAV Airports Holding had its initial public offering in February 2007. In May 2012, 38 percent of TAV Airports’ shares were sold to Aéroports de Paris.

Today, TAV Airports, Turkey’s global brand in airport operations, operates Istanbul Atatürk, Ankara Esenboga, Izmir Adnan Menderes, Milas-Bodrum and Gazipasa-Alanya Airports in Turkey,Tbilisi and Batumi Airports in Georgia, Monastir and Enfidha-Hammamet Airports in Tunisia, Skopje and Ohrid Airports in Macedonia, Medinah Airport in Saudi Arabia and Zagreb Airport in Croatia are also operated by TAV Airports.In addition to airport operations, the holding also operates, through its affiliates and subsidiaries, in auxiliary airport services including duty-free, food and beverage, ground handling services, IT, security and operation services. As part of these diversified services TAV Airports also operates the duty-free, food and beverage and other commercial areas at Riga Airport in Latvia. In 2016, the company provided services for 808,000 flights and more than 104 million passengers.

Esenboga Airport History

On average 280 aircraft land and take off Ankara Esenboga Airport daily this provides service to approximately 40 thousand passengers every day. Approximately 20 international airlines are provided service at the well-equipped Ankara Esenboğa Airport.

As the national and international center of political traffic in Anatolia with a ten thousand year history, the capital city of Ankara is in the heart of Turkey with its geographical location and function. Hosting several Western and Eastern civilizations for centuries, today Ankara is an important city of trade and industry as well as the heart of political affairs.

With its distinctive design and modern architecture, the Domestic and International Terminal at Esenboga Airport which is the place where first impressions for our country is given to foreign visitors represent the capital where culture and art integrate with politics and tourism sector is growing recently. TAV Airports provides service in the capital with its experienced and cheerful personnel at all areas from car parking to security control and check-in as well as cafes, duty-free shops and up to boarding point.

Esenboga Airport Domestic and International Terminal constructed under "Build-Operate-Transfer" model has been completed within a record time; a year earlier than the committed completion date. Esenboga Airport Domestic and International Terminal, which went into operation on October 16th 2006 with a capacity of 20 million passengers, are spread over a 182 thousand m2 area.

Besides being the first airport in Turkey where domestic and international terminals are designed to be in the same area, Ankara Esenboga Airport has also the precedence of being the most modern airport in Europe. The facility that enables passengers to access the terminal building from the car park through a closed bridge helps passenger movement within the terminal without them being affected from bad weather conditions.

Each luggage leaving the terminal is loaded onto the aircraft after being checked thoroughly though 100% baggage screening with Explosive Detection System (EDS) which has been in use since the Domestic and International Terminal at Ankara Esenboga Airport was put into operation and luggage arriving at the terminal reaches to passengers within 3 minutes via latest technology used in baggage system.

One of the main characteristics of the architectural design is that the terminal is lit by natural day light throughout the day.

In 2007, environmental friendly “Cogeneration Station” is put into use at Ankara Esenboga Airport. The terminal generates its own electricity through the cogeneration system which is not a common system in Turkey compared to Europe, therefore is affected from power cuts at a minimum level and fulfill its quality service mission.

Cogeneration system allows power generation form natural gas which provides cheaper and safer electricity. In addition, Wastewater Heat Recycling System within the cogeneration station supports the terminal’s heating system during winter months while the ABS Chiller System in the Recycling System supports the cooling of the terminal during summer. Therefore, savings are achieved in natural gas to be used for heating and in electricity used for cooling. This system also increases the system efficiency as well as reducing the carbon emission that occurs through heating and cooling.

With recent domestic and international direct flights by airlines companies from Ankara, Esenboga Airport has now become a gate for Anatolian people to fly to rest of the world. There has been a 18% increase recorded in passenger traffic by the end of 2016 with direct flights to 25 international destinations at 14 countries.